How to Create a Sacred Space at Home

We’re spending more time at home than ever since we’re currently under social distancing quarantine. If you are like me, I miss being in spaces that are carved out and created for the specific purpose of reflection. The thought and effort that goes in to most Yoga Studios and places of self care is enormous and can have a big impact on our mindset and practice.

Our homes can too often be our escape amidst a hectic world, but spending so much time in them can cause us to feel more stressed by our home environments. We can all take some inspiration from our favorite places to relax and apply them to a dedicated space in our house to set the tone for home practice.

Here are 5 easy ways to create a sacred space in your home:

  1. Choose a space dedicated to reflection and relaxation like meditation, practicing yoga and journaling. Actively choosing and thinking of that space as a zen zone will shift your mindset to be more aware of how you are treating it. Over time, coming back to the same space for reflective activities will also subconsciously set the tone for your time. This space should make you feel good currently and be out of the way of high traffic areas in your house.
  2. Close your eyes and take in how the space smells. Reflective practices often bring us back to our breath. There are many scents that are proven to help ground us and relax our minds. Consider bringing one or a few of these into the space with candles, a reed diffuser or ultrasonic diffuser. Scents we recommend are Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary or Bergamot.
  3. Consider Light. Do you have the ability to control the light where you’ve chosen? With a switch or blinds. You may want to source light into your practice differently for different practices. A morning flow you might want all the light you can get, while an evening meditation you may want it to be dim. Bring in a lamp or some additional candle to have different options for lighting.
  4. Think about any additional props you might want to make you feel at ease. Things like pillows, blankets, straps and a chair to hold on to all are helpful at times during meditative and yoga practices. Gather them all and have a place to keep them in or near the area you’ve chosen so that they are easily accessible and you aren’t distracted when need to get something during your practice.
  5. What makes you feel at peace? Bring that into your space. Do you love nature? Consider using plants to connect yourself to nature during your practice. Do you have crystals that put your mind at ease. Bring them into this space for easy access. Maybe it is a color that soothes you, find more of that and allow it to transform your space.

Now you are ready to have some zen time at home! Turn on some music or your favorite digital yoga studio and make use of your space!

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